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Hanwha Ocean


Gas Carrier

Most technologically advanced
Gas Carrier in the world

1)LNG Carrier

An LNG carrier is a tank ship designed to transport compressed/liquefied natural gas.

We are recognized for its strong competitive advantages and technological innovation in the LNG sectors thanks to its exclusively developed FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) and PRS (Partial Re-liquefaction System).

In addition, we received an order for 15 cutting-edge LNG carriers capable of navigating the Arctic Ocean on their own. In December 2017, we launched the world's first shipment of Yamal LNG and an icebreaking operation in winter, setting a new milestone in transit through the Arctic sea routes.

As a pioneer in advanced ship technology, We are equipped with ME-GI engines and re-liquefaction systems to maximize fuel efficiency of the existing LNG carriers and reduce emissions as it solidifies its leading position in the technology field.


LNG-FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit) in particular is one of our key products that can economically supply natural gas without large investment to places with a growing demand for natural gas or where it is difficult to build onshore facilities. Thanks to this characteristic, its market is expanding at a steady pace.

We have successfully delivered the world's first LNG-FSRU and built the world's largest LNG-FSRU, demonstrating its superior technological expertise in the LNG-FSRU sectors.

3)LPG Carrier

An LPG carrier is a gas tanker ship designed to transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in bulk.

We have successfully constructed four large VLGCs at the same time, thereby leading the global market with timely delivery and unmatched technological excellence.

Currently, we are building ships with ME-LGIP (Liquid Gas Injection Dual-Fuel Engine) that comply with environmental regulations and requirements for economic feasibility by reducing fuel costs.