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Hanwha Ocean


Cruise Ships & Ferries

Cruise Ships with both beauty and comfort

We have acquired advanced technology in building sophisticated passenger car ferries from its experience of building three 40-knot class ultra-high speed ferries with 472 passenger capacity, the "Treasure Island," the "Blue Star" car ferry with a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 200 cars for a Greek owner, and a very luxurious car ferry accommodating 1,880 passengers for Moby Line in Italy. In 2010, We were awarded the contract to build a luxurious passenger ferry for the Tunisian owner, COTUNAV,

All of these passenger ferries have drawn attention for their light and solid structures, elegant shapes, and outstanding interior design features. Two of the car ferries that We exported for the first time from Korea were selected as the world's best ships in 2000 and 2001, proving the excellent quality of the company's car ferries.