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Hanwha Ocean


Filing a Report

Everybody is encouraged
to report any suspected
inappropriate activities
within or outside
the company.

Smiling employees and Ethical Standards

※ If a report is submitted anonymously, you will not receive an e-mail, SMS notification or any compensation.


* Maximum of 5000 characters

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※ Check either [Email Notification] or [SMS Notification] to receive a report status message.
E-mail @ E-mail Notification
Cell Phone SMS Notification

Agreement on the Collection of Personal Information

Terms and Conditions of Handling Personal Information
This report collect necessary personal information
We may need ‘email address’, ‘cell phone number’ for the purpose of better communication channel to give additional information and to receive the result of this report

Anti-Corruption 3 Principles

: These principles apply to all employees and board members

1. Zero Tolerance to Corrupt Practice

The company and its employees reject all types of corrupt behavior.

2. Engagement of Leaders in Anti-Corruption Campaign

All leaders should influence their subordinates' ethical behavior and create an ethical environment in their respective organizations.

3. No Leniency for Corruptors

The company will never tolerate an employee or a partner company who are engaged in corrupt practices.