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Privacy Policy

At Hanwha Ocean Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) protecting our users' privacy is very important to us. We have developed a Privacy Policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act as below and handle personal information accordingly. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information provided by users may be used or disclosed and what we do to safeguard the information.

We will post the Privacy Policy on our website for your convenience. This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time without any prior notice to reflect changes in our practices and relative laws and guidelines. The necessary procedure for further improvement of this policy has been established. We will post the revised Privacy Policy here and the revised effective date on the top section of this Privacy Policy. We urge you to review the Privacy Policy when you visit our site.

Our Privacy Policy includes the following information:
This policy will be effective on Jan. 1, 2012.
Revision Date: May. 16. 2024

  1. 1. Definition of personal information
  2. 3. Collected items and collection methods
  3. 5. Procedure and Methods of Personal Information Deletion
  4. 7. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Automated Personal
     Information Collecting Program
  5. 9. Complaints and Suggestions Related to Personal Information
  6. 11. Security measures for protecting personal information
  7. 12. Changes in the Privacy Policy
  1. 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information
  2. 4. Period of Maintenance and Use of Personal
  3. 6. Rights of users and their legal guardians and how to
     exercise these rights (Including deletion of personal
  4. 8. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
  5. 10. Contact information of the privacy officers

Users can either give their consent for the collection of personal information by clicking the [agree] or reject by clicking the [disagree] button. By clicking the [agree] button, users agree to the terms of privacy policy.

1. Definition of personal information

'Personal Information' 'Personal Information' means information that can be used to uniquely identify one person from another including name and social security number (It also includes information that can be used together with other information to differentiate one person from another)

2. Personal Information Collection and Purposes of Use

The Company will not disclose the User’s personal information without the User’s consent and uses the User’s personal information collected for the following purposes only:

Collection and Purpose of Personal Information
Category Purpose
Field Trip Request Required For identification of visitors, adjusting visitation schedule, contacting in the event of an emergency, verification of access frequency, or collection of statistical data concerning service use
Optional For prevention of accidents during vehicle entry/exit into/from the premises and use in safety training
Visit Request
Required For identification of business-related visitors and issuing visitor passes
(Open positions, recruitment, Technical Education Institute enrollment)
Required For processing employment contract, referencing employment-application status, verification of work experience and qualifications, determining application acceptance/rejection, managing the individual’s application history, and confirming the applicant’s intent to apply for additional openings
Optional For verification of preferential eligibility in reviewing an employment application

Personal information of the User is not used for any other purpose than as described above. Should the purposes described above change, the Company will take all necessary actions required by the law, including seeking renewed consent from the User.

3. Personal Information Collected and Method of Collection

When the User signs up as a member, the Company requests the User to provide by way of online keyboard entry his or her personal information necessary for provision of member services. Said required personal information is as follows:

Personal Information Collected and Method of Collection
Category Personal Information Collected
Field Trip Request Required Name, phone number, email, and address
Optional License plate number
License plate number Required Nationality, name, phone number, email, company/organization, position, and address
(Open positions, recruitment, Technical Education Institute enrollment)
Required Photograph, name, nationality, address, phone number, email, work experience, education background, qualifications and awards, overseas employment or learning experience, community service experience, and other information disclosed by the applicant
Optional Family information (names, relations, education, occupation, and age), awards and distinctions, personal talents, and personal hobbies (some of the information may be considered required information)

Each section of the Company’s consent form for collection and use of personal information gives the User the option to agree or disagree to the Company collecting and using the concerned information. The Company, under any circumstance, does not use the information provided by the User for any purpose other than as explained in advance and does not disclose the information to a third party.

Information you entered will not be used other than for the purposes stated above and will not be disclosed or shared with third parties.

4. Durations of Personal Information Retention and Use

The Company retains and uses collected personal information of the User for durations stipulated by the law or for durations agreed upon by the User at the time of its collection.
Should the User request his or her personal information be deleted or revised or requests withdrawal as a member as per procedures and methods described under 6. Rights of the User and the Legal Representative and Exercising of Those Rights (Inc. Deletion of Personal Information) below, the Company will delete the concerned information from its information-storage facilities in a manner rendering future referencing or use of said information impossible. The User’s personal information is retained for the following duration:

  • In case of employment (year-round recruitment, open recruitment, Technical Education Institute):
    Year-round recruitment: 2 years / open recruitment: 2 years / Technical Education Institute: 2 years
  • In case of field trip:
    2 years
  • In case of business purpose visits
    2 years

5. Procedure and Methods of Personal Information Deletion

We delete personal information immediately after the purpose of its use has been achieved. The deletion procedure and methods are as follows:

  • Destruction procedure
    All information users have provided for membership or other purposes is relocated to a separate DB (or a file box, if printed in paper) after the purpose has been achieved and are destroyed after storage during a certain period of time in accordance with The Company‘s policy and applicable laws and regulations to protect privacy (See Term of Storage and Use of Personal Information). The personal information will not be used for other purposes than storage unless required by applicable laws.
  • Destruction method
    Personal information printed in paper will be destroyed by a shredder or incinerated.
    Personal Information stored in electronic file is deleted by technical method disabling regeneration of records.

6. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Methods of Exercising Those Rights (Membership Withdrawal)

Users and legal representatives can view and modify their registered personal information or the personal information of children under 14 who they represent at any time. You can delete your posts on the Bulletin Board or company visit request. To delete a job application, contact the privacy officer by email, phone, or fax using the contact information provided and request for deletion. For bulletin board and company tour, applicants can delete their information manually. For recruitment, refer to 'Staff Dealing With Personal Information - Name and Contact Information' and contact the staff with request for membership withdrawal via e-mail, phone or fax.

7. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Automated Personal Information Collecting Program

Company does not use cookies but uses a session method instead.
This means that personal information is not stored on PCs but only the session id is stored. Since all personal information is stored on the server, personal information will not be compromised.
Your session information is automatically deleted after a specific length of time. Your personal information will be immediately deleted when you log out.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company only uses personal information of its users within the scope specified in “2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information” and does not use outside this scope or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the users except in the following events

  • Violation against the terms of service posted on the homepage and other member services operating principles
  • When it is decided that disclosure of the information is required to stop the misusage of the service causing
    mental and physical harms to others.
  • When it is decided that disclosure of the information is required by law in good faith
    (e.g., requested by the government for legal case investigation)

The Company does not outsource the processing of personal information to a third party without prior notice to the users. However, a certain part of the service is outsourced to a third party for smooth delivery of service and in this case, it is subject to management/supervision under the applicable laws.

Service Provider and Description of Services
Service Provider Description of Services
Information & Consulting Co., Ltd. Data center operation service (database management and maintenance, system development and maintenance), application operation service, administrative and technical security control
S-Tec System Co.
DOING Co., Ltd.
Physical security management of the company (manage status of people/vehicle/goods, operation and management of image information processing devices)
Earlysloth Co., Ltd. Online survey (information processing such as editing/processing/input/output of data)

9. Complaints and Consultation Related to Personal Information

Company takes users' suggestions on the personal information policy seriously and has created a system to handle complaints. Please refer to “10. Contact Information of the Privacy Officer” to file any complaints or ask any relative questions. We will address your concerns as fast as we can. Company will quickly respond to the complaints and do our best to resolve any issues.

10. Staff Dealing with Personal Information - Name and Contact Information

We try our best to safely utilize the information provided. The personal information protector will be liable, should any accidents occur contrary to the information provided above. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of ID and password provided for the protection of their own person information. Please be aware that Company will not, in any circumstances, directly ask the users for their passwords.
Please be careful, especially when you are using the website in public places Company has a designated employee for processing suggestions and complaints regarding the issues with personal information as below:

Personal Information Protection Administrator

  • Department|Information Protection & Security Control Team
  • Name|S.T. Kim / Vice President
  • Phone Number|055-735-0052    Fax|055-734-9190
  • e-mail|cyberst@hanwha.com

Personal Information Protection Officer

  • Department|Information Protection & Security Control Team
  • Name|M.M. Song / General Manager
  • Phone Number|055-735-9078    Fax|055-734-9190
  • e-mail|songmm@hanwha.com

11. Security Measures for Protecting Personal Information

We are equipped with a safe security system including a firewall, an intruder detection system, and an intrusion prevention system. In addition, a professional security solution company provides a security inspection and consultation on a regular basis and on an as-needed basis. We also go through a thorough system inspection in accordance with our internal policy.

We keep a limited number of employees who protector the personal information of our users and provide them with training regularly and as needed. Our users' personal information is encrypted in the database which is not accessible even to our employees. The server with user information is completely separated from the external network to protect it from internal or external intrusion.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

If the Company changes the policy in a material way in accordance with relative laws or policies, the effective date will be posted on the company's website on the top section of the updated Privacy Policy. You may report to the personal information protector or the applicable department with any concerns you may have during the usage of this service.
The Company will get back to you as soon as possible with a sufficient answer.