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Hanwha Ocean


Global Network

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The Advance Guard
of the Global Network Strategy

Our Subsidiaries which produces large vessel blocks and on/offshore infrastructure, spearhead our global network strategy.

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Hanwha Ocean Shandong

Established in Bajiao Town, Yantai Economic & Technical Development Zone, under our global network strategy to be the world's best shipbuilding company, produces blocks and on/offshore infrastructure.

Shandong Co., Ltd. Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
Sept. 13, 2005
Capital USD 79.9 million
Address 264006, Qingdao Street 2-1, Yantai Economic & Technical Development Zone, Shandong Province, China
Contact TEL : 86-535-308-2400 | FAX : 86-535-308-1200
Shareholders Hanwha Ocean 100%
Main Products
and Services
- Research & development, manufacturing, and sales of blocks,
  parts and other related products
- Design, production, and installation of offshore/land plants
- Other related businesses
Production Capacity Annual block production of 300,000 ton
Company Size A. Major Production Facility
- Cutting: N/C cutting equipment and bending equipment,150,000
  ton per year
- Assembly: Line production system, 800 ton per year
- Painting: Steel pretreatment and painting, 200,000 ton per year
B. Floor Area : 1 million ㎡
C. No. of Employees : 2,000

Hanwha Ocean Ecotech

Located in the Yulchon Industrial Complex of Gwangyang Free Trade Zone, Hanwha Ocean Ecotech produces blocks, hatch covers, rudder and on/offshore products. Hanwha Ocean Ecotech strives to be the best partner for our customers.

Samwoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
June 1, 2010
Capital KRW 41.9 billion
Address 111, Yulchonsandan 3-ro, Gwangyang-eup, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Contact TEL : 061-780-3000
Shareholders Hanwha Ocean 100%
Main Products
and Services
Shipbuilding / Heavy Industries
- Hatch Cover
- Trance Bulkhead
- Side shell (Bench Block)
- LNGC Trunk Deck
- CMR(Cargo Machinery Room)
- Lashing Bridge
- Rudder
- Other Iron Structures

Hanwha Ocean Digital

Hanwha Ocean Digital is an IT service provider and system builder/operator offering consultation and solutions.
With its ICT and engineering convergence technology, the company serves as the cornerstone for the innovation and application of the industry 4.0 technologies in the shipbuilding and offshore sector.

Hanwha Ocean Digital
Company Type Corporation Date of Establishment January 1, 2017
Capital KRW 200 million
Address 3370, Geoje-daero, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Contact TEL : +82-55-735-0100
Shareholders Hanwha Ocean 100%
Areas of Business - IT consultation
- IT system operation/establishment
- Supply of hardware/software
- IT maintenance
- IT training