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Subcommittee Status

Audit Committee | Members

한화오션 Audit Committee List
Name Career Path Remarks
Kim, Bong Hwan Current) Professor / Graduate School of Public Administration / Seoul National University Elected Separately
Rhee, Shin Hyung Current) Professor / Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering / Seoul National University
Hyun, Nak Hee Current) Associate Professor / School of Law / Sungkyunkwan University

Major activities of audit committee

Major activities of audit committee
Serial No. Date of Committee meeting Major agenda Remarks
1st regular meeting 2022.02.18 - 2021 internal accounting control system operation status report
- 2021 4Q total scheduled cost change report
- 2021 2nd half report of the results of inspection of the agenda proposed by BOD
- 2021 report of the audit of key items the committee is in charge of auditing
- 2nd report of the plan for collaboration between business diagnosis staff and audit staff
2nd regular meeting 2022.03.04 - 2021 financial statement/consolidated financial statement/business report
- 2021 Q4 report of exceptions to disclosure on major contracts
- 2021 report of accounting audit results
- Review and report of the external auditor's compliance with contract terms
- Approval of 2021 internal accounting management system operation evaluation results
- Approval of Audit Committee's opinion of internal monitoring system for the 22nd period
- Appointment of acting chairman of the Audit Committee at the 22nd Regular General Meeting of Shareholders
1st temporary meeting 2022.03.08 - Audit Committee's approval of audit report for the 22nd period
- Approval of investigation into and statements on the agendas and documents of the 22nd Regular General Meeting of Shareholders
3nd regular meeting 2022.04.22 - Appointment of Audit Committee Chairman
- Report of audit plan for FY 2022
- Approval of audit staff's work plan for FY 2022
- External auditor's audit quality evaluation report for 2021
- Approval of appointment and dismissal of audit staff
4th regular meeting 2022.05.13 - 2022 Q1 financial performance report
- 2022 Q1 report of exceptions to disclosure of major contracts
- 2022 Q1 total scheduled cost change report
- 2022 Q1 accounting review report
- 2022 Q1 audit review report
5th regular meeting 2022.07.21 - Report of risk inspection results to prevent financial fraud
- Report of preliminary discussions for a half-year of 2022
- Report of measures to protect work monitoring rights of outside directors (audit committee members)
- Approval of (proposed) revision of Audit Committee Operating Regulations
6th regular meeting 2022.08.12 - 2022 half year financial performance report
- Report of exceptions to disclosure of major contracts for half of 2022
- Report of total scheduled cost changes in half year of 2022
- Report of accounting review in half year of 2022
- Report of accounting audit review in half year of 2022
- Report of the result of checking the legitimacy of the execution of directors’ duties in the first half of 2022
2st temporary meeting 2022.08.26 - Approval of the (proposed) special audit plan for Indonesian submarines
7th regular meeting 2022.09.30 - Approval of (proposed) establishment of external auditor appointment procedure
- Approval of (proposed) external auditor selection plan
- Report of the review of the total projected costs of series and vessels
- Report of the special audit related to Indonesian submarines