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Ethics Education

Ethics Training Focus

  • Understanding the ethics policy and systems against corruption
  • Attitude and behavior change of employees

Training Topics

  • Understanding ethical management
  • Ethical standards and anti-corruption policy
  • Examples of unethical practices, ethical dilemmas, prevention of sexual harassment

Training Programs

  • Online : customized training (5hrs)
    mandatory for all employees including expatriate employees
  • Offline : ethics class for executives/leaders, ethics training for new managers, new foremen and new hires, ethics training
    by employee level, ethics training for employees engaged in sensitive tasks(Contracting job for subcontractors
    and suppliers etc.), ethics training for subcontractors and suppliers

Ethics Conference

  • Achieving consensus on ethical practices, conferences are held to accept suggestions, concerns, and complaints directly from the employees on the job.
  • Hosted by Corporate Auditing & Consulting Division, it provides a communication window among the employees at all levels such as group leaders, mid-level managers/supervisors, female employees, and managers of subcontractors.

Ethics Letters

  • Sent by the top ethical management officer to all companies at the beginning of each year.
  • Emphasize the applicable year's ethical management focus to all employees and request that they put ethical management into practice.

Evaluate the level of practice on ethical management Education·PR

Everybody is welcome to participate

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Anti-Corruption 3 Principles

: These principles apply to all employees and board members

1. Zero Tolerance to Corrupt Practice

The company and its employees reject all types of corrupt behavior.

2. Engagement of Leaders in Anti-Corruption Campaign

All leaders should influence their subordinates' ethical behavior and create an ethical environment in their respective organizations.

3. No Leniency for Corruptors

The company will never tolerate an employee or a partner company who are engaged in corrupt practices.