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Hanwha Ocean


Community Service

Through active and constant community service activities, we take our responsibility as a model corporate citizen seriously.

To contribute in creating a world for all, employees started a volunteer group in 1993 led by the executives. In 2003, We officially established the 'Volunteer Corps' to manage the community service programs more systematically and actively.

Rice planting and children releasing balloons

Community Service Overview and Organization

  • Community Service Slogan
    나누는 기쁨 함께하는 즐거움

    Joy of Sharing, Joy of Togetherness: In order to emphasize the importance of community service and to create interest in community service activities, we have used this slogan in the Community Service Calendar and on the vests for the Volunteer Corps.

  • Concept map of community service

    Company, executives and staff members Pride and rewarding = korea :Direction(Global environment,linked with strategic projects of the government), Citizens/Local residents : Pubilic interest(Joy shared with citizens/local residents), Customers : Continuity (Offer reliable trust to customers)
  • Organization Chart of Volunteer Corps

    Volunteer Corps
    • President : Head of Human Resources & General Affairs Division
    • Deputy Chief : Head of General Affairs Division
    • Executive Secretary : Head of External Cooperation Department
    • Assistant Administrators : 2 dedicated employees
    • Volunteer Corps (Silver party)
    • Sound of New Buds Group(Sponsoring children with leukemia)
    • True Love Welfare Group (Bathing the disabled)
    • Sharing Technology Service Group (House renovation/Foot massage service)
    • Hope Volunteer Group (Providing food to welfare facilities)
    • Underwater Volunteer Group (Underwater cleaning program)
    • Adamjaengi (Wall-painting service)

Community Service Infrastructure

  • Community Service Calendar

    We operate a community service calendar system on the company portal so that those who are not a member of the 'Volunteer Corps' can also participate in volunteer activities. Through the calendar which is connected to the 'Community Contribution History Management System,' employees can log in and manage their individual volunteer history in the calendar.