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Volunteer Programs

Major Activities of Volunteer Corp

Our neighborhood love project

Our neighborhood love project On November 15, 2014, 300 executives and employees gathered near Jangmok-myeon, visited and delivered support to neighbors despite the cold weather. The executives and employees held a silver party based at Jangmok Elementary school, and invited 450 senior citizens from local societies, served meals and provided free reading glasses. The participants also held a 'Love Food Sharing' event to make and deliver side dishes to 100 mobility-impaired solitary senior citizens and the disabled. The participants repaired roofs and electricity for 4 families in poor living environments so that they could get through the cold winter. In addition, they performed maintenance on school facilities to allow children to play around freely. The participants also provided cleanup work and wall drawings to help beautify the village.

Dasom il-chon

Dasom il-chon One company-one center for senior citizens movement for improving the welfare of senior citizens in Geoje, ‘Dasom il-chon’, is a compound word using 'Dasom' which means love and 'il-chon' which means one village or the closest degree of kinship. Currently, Volunteer Corps have established affiliations with 31 centers for senior citizens, and Volunteer Corps invited senior citizens in November, providing yard tours and serving free meals. The affiliated department visited the centers for senior citizens, provide cleaning and supplying daily necessities.

1004 Donation

1004 Donation 1-1 matching grant system in which desired executives and employees donate 1,004 KRW from monthly salary (1004 donation) and the company matches the amount of collected money has been implemented. A total of 120 million KRW including the company contribution (matching grant) was raised during 2014 and this will be provided for supporting the heating expense of solitary senior citizens during winter as well as textbook costs for middle school and high school students from families receiving national basic livelihood security. Part of the contribution went to Hope Welfare Foundation in Geoje.

Donation initiated by executives

Donation initiated by executives The donation initiated by executives is operated for the purpose of establishing the attitude of executives to take the initiative in the community service including making a donation and providing service.

50,000 KRW is deducted every month from the salary of executives who have signed up for this program, and the executives visit neglected neighbors, deliver food and donations to show compassion. 51 million KRW was collected during 2014 and the executives visited 21 social welfare facilities and community child centers and delivered donations and cheered them up at the end of December.