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Hanwha Ocean


HSE Management Policy

Hanwha Ocean places Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) as the foremost value of its management and commits to the following practices to ensure safety, health and well-being of all its members.

Safety check using a computer and site safety inspection
  • 1. HSE Core Value Culture
    We create HSE driven culture where all members can work in a safe and healthy environment.
  • 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We are dedicated to establishing and implementing a system to comply with HSE related laws and regulations.
  • 3. Continuous Elimination of Hazards
    All members are responsible for continuously identifying and eliminating HSE hazards, and the management extends its full support by providing necessary resources.
  • 4. Rights and Obligations
    All members have the right to a safe work environment and receive appropriate medical care and the obligation to comply with the safety rules established by Hanwha Ocean.
  • 5. Communication and Collaboration
    We strengthen our HSE cooperation system through proactive communication with our clients, stakeholders, employees, sub-contractors and the local community.
  • 6. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Management
    We fulfill our social responsibilities as a global maritime and energy leader through sustainable eco-friendly management practices.