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Hanwha Ocean


Safety and Health

We have detailed systematic safety and health programs in place to create a safe, healthy and injury-free workplace.

Safety and Health Facilities

We have an HSE experience center, company fire squad (2119) and in-house clinic to provide our employees with a healthy and safe place to work.

Safety Training Facilities

Photo 1: Training in front of the safety experience hall, Photo 2: Training inside the safety experience hall, Photo 3: Trying on safety harnesses inside the safety experience hall, Photo 4: Inside the outdoor experience hall

Located inside Okpo shipyard are the HSE Experiential Center, ten or so dedicated safety training centers, and forty or so temporary safety training centers that provide safety training for over 80,000 people each year. HSE Experiential center is equipped with facilities and equipment enabling reenactment of critical jobs performed at the shipyard, such as high-altitude work, enclosed space work, gas work, and electrical work, and allows workers to learn about the various hazards related to the jobs, the safest ways to work, and how to respond to accidents and emergencies through direct experience.

Fire and Disaster Prevention Facilities

Photo 1: Company fire squad (2119) front view, Photo 2: A fire drill with three fire engines spraying water onto a building, Photo 3: A fire drill using a fire extinguisher

We have a Company Fire Squad (2119)in operation 24/7.
We are equipped with firefighting equipment including fire engines, water wagons, ambulances, over 21,500 fire extinguishers and indoor/outdoor hydrants, and automatic fire detectors as well as rescue equipment to prevent fires and safety-related accidents and minimize human loss and damages in case of an accident.

Health and Medical Facilities

Photo 1: Seomoon health center front view, Photo 2: A patient being treated by a doctor, Photo 3: A doctor treating a patient on the bed, Photo 4: A patient and a doctor checking the medical record on the computer, Photo 5: Working-out at the health center gym

We have a in-house clinic for general healthcare services and emergency care for employees with full-time doctors and nurses stationed in the facility. The internal/external health centers provide exercise and physical therapy for patientsand fitness programs to improve employee health.
For special management of the employees who are diagnosed with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), the Work Related Accident Counseling Centeris in operation, and the Psychological Counseling Center Center provides mental and emotional counseling and treatment.

Safety and Health Systems & Policies

12 Major Safety Rules

Twelve major safety rules have been enacted based on the results of risk assessment and analysis of accident statistics.
All our employees are required to sign and strictly adhere to the 12 major safety rules to prevent safety-related accidents.

12 Major Safety Rules

『Zero Tolerance』
It is a strict system in which the worker is asked to stop working immediately and leave the site when he/she violates any of the 12 major safety rules.

『No safety, no work 』
It is a system in which workers can reject a work order if it is in violation of any of the 12 Major Safety Rules and request safety measures.

IIF Safety Observation Program

Two coworkers with arms around each other's shoulders and their thumbs up

“Safety is love and consideration for your colleagues."

We pursue autonomous safety that secures our safety through consideration and concern for others.

Workers pay attention to the dangerous behavior of their colleagues,
praise for safe behaviors and discourage unsafe behaviors through the safety observation program.

Safety Mileage Program

Giving awards to selected safety champions for their excellent HSE activities

We have the nation's largest HSE rewards program with an annual budget of 2 billion won to motivate the employees for a no-accident goal and encourage their HSE activities.

Organizations who achieve the goal of no-accidents for 100 days and individual safety champions are rewarded.

Safety and Health Training

Our safety and health training aims to change employees' safety awareness as well as increase their knowledge. Over 450 internal safety instructors and managers give customized safety and health training for each job, which focuses on safety experience opportunities and audiovisual training to re-enforce memory of practical safety and health training

Photo 1: Internal safety instructor training, Photo 2: Safety demonstration for each task using heavy equipment, Photo 3: Producing a video clip for the standard procedure of each task, Photo 4: Korean language course for foreign workers and safety training provided in other languages, Photo 5: Employees learning CPR at a classroom, Photo 6: HSE cyber training and industrial safety engineer certificate course training materials, Photo 7: Employee family safety experience training

Major Safety and Health Activities

Management safety and health activities

Our management actively participate in various safety and health activities with a responsibility, believing that the company's safety creed and philosophy is the deciding factor on the direction of its safety policies.

Photo 1: Employees distributing flyers to encourage participation in HSE activities, Photo 2: An HSE meeting in session, Photo 3: A manager performing a safety inspection, Photo 4:  Introductory documents of HSE activities

Sensible safety and health activities

To create positive safety awareness and promote safety practices, we provide sensible safety and health activities in which our employees and their families can voluntarily participate.

Photo 1: Our I'm a singer event and  our safety song contest posters, Photo 2: Company safety promotion exhibition, Photo 3: Zero-accident safety mileage award ceremony, Photo 4:  Dad's safety awareness and family's safety umbrella promotion posters