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Hanwha Ocean


Power Plant
BMPP(Barge Mounted Power Plant)

  • Off-Shore Type
    Off-Shore Type
  • On-Shore Mount Type
    On-Shore Mount Type
Power Generation Facility with Onboard Power Station
The BMPP (Barge Mounted Power Plant) is a power plant installed on a deck barge located in the sea or by seaside or mounted onshore to generate electricity using resources such as coal, gas, and nuclear power.
A BMPP is installed after its bare and topside are built in the shipyard first and transferred, which results in advantages such as shorter construction time and increased quality, compact equipment arrangement, and relocatable generation equipment.
Photo 1 : Plant construction in a shipyard, Photo 2 : Marine transportation, Photo 3 : Installation at site
Plant construction in a shipyard
Marine transportation
Installation at site
The installation of a BMPP is roughly divided into off-shore type and on-shore mount type. In off-shore type, the BMPP is built in the shipyard and transported to the site and used while being moored. Omitting the local mating construction expedites construction schedules for the project and offers increased installation safety.
In the on-shore mount type, an area is assigned to dock the BMPP at the power plant site, then the barge is mounted onshore to avoid the wave motion that exists when being moored and to take advantage of proximity to the onshore facilities.
Our BMPP models are coal-powered 100MW PFBC (Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion), clean coal and gas-powered 115MW, 213MW SCPP (Simple Cycle Power Plant), 180MW CCPP (Combined Cycle Power Plant), and 108MW DFE (Dual Fuel Engine)