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Hanwha Ocean


Robot Technology

  • Blasting Robot
    Blasting Robot
Commercialization of High-Performance Robots
We are pushing ahead with the development, application and commercialization of high-performance robots and specialty robots which are essential to improve productivity, based on the company's core technologies including small-size/light-weight and robust design, intelligent sensor system, real-time control, and integrated system operation.
Photo 1 : Portable welding robot, Photo 2 : Dandy welding robot, Photo 3 : All-position welding robot
Portable welding robot
Dandy welding robot
All-position pipe welding robot
  • Shipbuilding and plant automation robot system development
    - Cutting/painting/outfitting robots
    - Underwater cleaning robot, robot submarines (AUV, ROV)
    industrial exoskeletal robot development
    - low-body/full-body exoskeletal robots for power enhancement
    - exoskeletal robots for body part power assistance
    - the recognition of user intentions and Human-robot interaction (HRI) technology
    Smart welding robot development
    - portable welding robot
    - All-position pipe welding robot
    - OLP (Off-Line Programming)
    - welding DB
    Robot component technology development
    - small-size and light-weight robot design
    - real-time & high-precision robot control
    - intelligent sensor system (LVS, Stereo Vision)
    - simple teach pendant robot
  • Exoskeletal robot(wearable robot)
    Exoskeletal robot (wearable robot)