Title: Assembly on the water awes the world

Subtitle: The world's first vessel assembly on a floating dock draws the attention of shipbuilders Summary: On the 13th of this month, DSME achieved a great triumph by assembling two blocks (bow and stern) of a ship at its floating dry dock the No. 1 Royal Dock for the first time in shipbuilding history. The ship in the center of it all is No. 1135 (Enterprise *75000 dwt bulk carrier). The front and rear blocks of No. 1135 were separately assembled at the L2 dock first and completed at No. 1 Royal Dock. Ship owners and registries at home and abroad showed great interest in the method. Assembling large blocks on a constantly moving floating dock is extremely difficult because it does not allow even the slightest error. On a dry dock, weights and tape measures are used to manage the straightness, width, length, height and stiffness of a block. But on a floating dock, using weights face technical limitations. The F/D team, shipbuilding production management office and production innovation team decided to use a 3 dimensional measuring device in lieu of weights and tape measures and obtained technologies to maintain certain degrees and develop a guide piece to check the margin of error between blocks while they are moving. In addition the company came up with ways to predict and respond to any changes in the floating dock providing reliability in its technological capability to the ship owners who doubted the technique never used before method, which became a driving force behind the success of this project. "The ship owners who initially looked at this project from a negative perspective are now giving their full trust to our technological capabilities," says Eun-Soo Jeon, director of the production innovation team. "The success of this project will give us more confidence in developing and securing technologies to maximize revenue by leveraging our limited production facilities," he added. No. 1135, of which bow and stern blocks were assembled on a floating dock for the first time in the world marking the beginning of a new age, will be officially launched on Dec. 2. In the meanwhile, the stem blocks of No. 5154 (Sonangol, 168000 dwt crude oil tanker), No. 5181 (worldwide VLCC) and No. 1135 (Enterprise 75000 dwt bulk carrier) were launched on the 11th of this month. /Reported by Young-Jo Park