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Floating Production Storage

and Offloading (FPSO)

Hanwha Ocean has a system to build superstructures and substructures simultaneously at Geoje Shipyard, internally resolving the interface problems that have occurred in the past and settling various problems arising in other companies.

Hanwha Ocean has delivered a total of six FPSOs so far, which are being operated as large-scale oil production facilities in major oil companies’ offshore oil fields around the world.

Experience of Various


So far, Hanwha Ocean has built a total of six large FPSOs and is currently building one more at the yard.

Through building various types of FPSOs tailored to the nature of each project, we have accumulated design experience and know-how in different environmental conditions. Based on this technological prowess, we are demonstrating world-class professional capabilities in every step required to build FPSOs.

With this, we provide customized FPSO solutions that meet our clients’ needs, while building stable high-quality FPSOs.

  • Ichthys FPSO
    • 80k BOPD
    • 1.1M BBLs
    • 1Q 2019

    West Australia

  • Clov FPSO
    • 160K BOPD
    • 1.8M BBLs
    • 4Q 2014

    West Africa

  • Pazflor FPSO
    • 232K BOPD
    • 2.0M BBLs
    • 1Q 2012

    West Africa

  • Agbami FPSO
    • 250K BOPD
    • 2.1M BBLs
    • 1Q 2009

    West Africa

  • Dalia FPSO
    • 240K BOPD
    • 2M BBLs
    • 1Q 2007

    West Africa

  • TerraNova FPSO
    • 150K BOPD
    • 960K BBLs
    • 2Q 2000

    East Canada

  • P-79 FPSO
    • 180K BOPD
    • 2.7M BBLs
    • Under construction


Development of

Hanwha Ocean’s

Unique Model

In order to meet clients’ various needs and requirements and actively respond to the offshore market that is rapidly changing toward carbon neutrality, Hanwha Ocean invented a unique FPSO model in the mid-2010s and has been developing it since then through continuous investment and R&D. The model has the following characteristics that provide a differentiated service.

Low-cost and fast-track building
to deliver high value to clients

Maximized the marine standard
to standardize and simplify the hull design

Modularized the topside design
to reflect optimal design and increase productivity

We are continuously developing new standard models and, based on the technologies accumulated through such efforts, are leading the FPSO market.