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Global Ocean Solution Provider
아래로 스크롤

Who we are

Bold Voyage Toward
Limitless Oceans

We Navigate Boldly
Toward Limitless Oceans

What we do

We set the global standard

with our long-accumulated expertise and


Record Proven :

We Build

Oceanic Excellence

What we do
Commercial Vessels

We lead the global industry with our competitive edge,
based on our independently developed LNG-related
technological advantage.

Offshore Business

We develop and manufacture advanced offshore facilities
and platforms optimized for challenging maritime
environment with innovative production system.

Naval Ships

With our expertise in building naval ships that we have
accumulated over 30 years, we are making the leap to
become Korea’s leading defense company.

  • LNGC
  • FPSO
  • Submarine

Virtual Showroom

Explore Hanwha Ocean’s leading products
at the 3D interactive exhibition hall.

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What we innovate

We Provide

Transformative Solutions

for the Future

The best solutions for a sustainable future

We create a positive influence on the planet
by developing eco-friendly vessels and reducing carbon emissions.


We are pursuing digital innovation to provide optimal operations
for the future and develop safe and efficient smart yards.

Antecedent Defense Technology

Equipped with technologies from the 4th industrial revolution, including
swarming control, autonomous navigation, and obstacle avoidance,
our Unmanned Maritime System can perform
complex military/private missions, such as coastal/underwater monitoring
and exploration and marine environmental surveys.
Eco-friendly & Digital Vessel Developing
Eco-friendly &
The shipbuilding and marine industry is facing a wave of new challenges
due to environmental problems such as climate change and greenhouse
gas emissions.
Hanwha Ocean actively develops sustainable technologies that benefit the
planet and humanity, and helps clients respond to various regulations.
글로벌 FPSO 시장 선도
Global FPSO

Hanwha Ocean’s focus is to support our clients during
field development, project execution and operations.
We are uniquely positioned to deliver FPSO solutions that
maximize value for our clients, both in terms of costs
and execution certainty. Through advanced technology and
innovative design, we enhance safety, reliability, and sustainable operations.
Moreover, we strive to establish new industry standards
through continuous research and development, strengthening
our competitiveness in the global marketplace
Offshore Wind Power Total Service
Offshore Wind
Following Hanwha Ocean’s vision of creating new value with
eco-friendly and digital technologies, we are establishing ourselves
as an industry leader by applying our
independently developed smart-ship system to offshore wind turbines.
Sustainable Smart Yard

Hanwha Ocean is transforming the Geoje site into a digital production center
to build a smart yard based on big data and robot technology.
We aim to enhance productivity and apply an intelligent safety management
system to establish a new technology paradigm.

We Connect the World
Through Oceans

  • Bridging Worlds,
    Uniting Humanity
    Through Ocean