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LNG Carrier

Hanwha Ocean, a global leader in the shipbuilding industry, is renowned for its innovative technologies that enable efficient, large-scale transportation of natural gas.

Hanwha Ocean's competitive edge in the shipbuilding industry stems from its proprietary 'Gas Management System’ such as the 'LNGC Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)' and 'BOG Reliquefaction System’.

Hanwha Ocean pioneers advanced shipbuilding solutions, equipping its LNG carriers with cutting-edge two-stroke dual-fuel engines (ME-GI, X-DF and ME-GA) that optimize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

Hanwha Ocean's unrivaled technological capabilities in LNG carrier construction are demonstrated by its successful delivery of the world's first self-ice-breaking Arctic LNG carrier and the largest Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit (FSRU). These achievements cement Hanwha Ocean's position as a frontrunner in developing and applying eco-friendly, efficient LNG transportation solutions.

Key Characteristics

Cargo Capacity

174,000 CBM

  • LNG Cargo Containment System

    Utilizes GTT's NO96 cargo tank technology, providing various insulation systems (GW, L03+, and Super+) to manage LNG's natural boil-off gas.

  • LNG Propulsion

    Compatible with MAN's high-pressure ME-GI and low-pressure ME-GA engines, as well as WinGD's low-pressure X-DF engines.

  • Gas Management Systems (GMS)

    Features proprietary Full Reliquefication Systems (FRS) for high-pressure engines, Advanced Partial Reliquefication Systems (A-PRS), and Nitrogen Refrigerant Systems (NRS) for low-pressure engines, ensuring safe management of boil-off natural gas.

  • Fuel/Emission Reduction Technologies

    Offers advanced optional solutions, including Air Lubrication Systems (ALS), Shaft Generator (SG), Rotor Sail, and Onboard CO2 Capture Systems (OCCS), to support the transition to eco-friendly vessel operations.

Smart Ship

The LNG carrier seamlessly integrates with Hanwha Smart Ship Solution & Service (HS4), the company's proprietary smart ship platform.
This automation enables shipowners to monitor critical data in real-time, facilitating informed decision-making for optimized fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.