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Hanwha Ocean



A Future Made of Harmony and Hard work

Founded in 1973 at Okpo Bay with aspirations to be the world leader in shipbuilding, We have since grown to be the world's top shipbuilding and marine engineering company by the management and employees working together
A person welding and an aerial view of the shipyard
  • 1973 ~ 1978
    Laying the Foundation

    An event at the Okpo shipyard
    • 1973

      Held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Okpo Shipyard
      as the Korea Shipbuilding & Engineering Corp
    • 1978

      Established Daewoo Shipbuilding & Heavy Machinery
      Co., Ltd. (DSHM) and acquired the Okpo Shipyard
    • 1979

      Built the first chemical carrier
    • 1981

      Held a topping out ceremony for the completion of the
      Okpo Shipyard
    • 1983

      Completed construction of Dock II
  • 1984 ~ 1989
    Preparing for a
    Quantum Leap

    A dock with a large crane
    • 1984

      Established the Ship & Marine Technology Research
      Institute and acquired several international certifications
    • 1985

      Launched the MAST Business Innovation Movement
      and completed construction of a double hull
      300,000-ton VLCC
    • 1987

      Established the Daewoo Shipbuilding labor union and
      had a primary labor dispute
    • 1988

      Initiated self-recovery efforts as part of the
      rationalization measures for shipbuilding industry
    • 1989

      Launched the business strategic campaign of
      "Hope 90s"
  • 1991 ~ 1997
    Realizing "Hope 90s"

    A night view of the shipyard
    • 1991

      Posted the first profit in its history with the success
      of the Hope 90s
    • 1992

      Reached a stabilized level of business and acquired
      ISO 9001 certification
    • 1993

      Ranked No.1 globally in the amount of ship orders
      Completed the construction of Korea's first tactical
    • 1994

      Merged with Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd.
    • 1997

      Acquired environment management certification
      ISO 14001
  • 1998 ~ 2001
    Second Leap Forward

    No. 971 on standby
    • 1998

      Completed the construction of the first battleship and
      exported the first passenger ferries
    • 1999

      Received the Presidential Award for Precision
      Technology and the One Hundred Technologies Award
      Began a workout program as part of the Daewoo
      Group's restructuring effort
    • 2000

      Spin-off of Daewoo Shipbuilding in October
      Debt-for-equity swap in December Started
      new strategic campaign 'Global Top 2010'
      - a business innovation campaign for the new
    • 2001

      Completed the workout program
      Relocated to new company premises
      Awarded the most LNG carrier orders in the world
  • 2002 ~ 2005
    Grooming to be a Global Leader

    People gathered around the monument of trust and passion
    • 2002

      Adopted a set of corporate core values, 'Trust' and
      'Passion' and commenced the PI project
    • 2003

      Named the world's best shipbuilder by Maritime
      Asia's Lloyd's List
    • 2004

      Deployed the first PI system in the world shipbuilding
      industry Launched the Future Leadership Center
    • 2005

      Constructed and delivered the world’s first LNG-RV
      Awarded the Transparent Management Grand Prize
      from the five economic organizations Named the best
      corporation in the Korea Best Corporation Awards
      LNG-RV was selected as one of the Korea's top 10 new
  • 2006 ~ 2014
    Surging for Sustainable Growth (A Journey toward Sustainable Growth)

    A bird's eye view of a building
    • 2006

      DSSC began full operation Awarded orders worth over
      USD 10 billion Recognized as the best in corporate
      governance for the 4th year in a row
    • 2007

      Received the Transparent Management Award
      Won the Grand Prize at the 2007 Labor-
      Management Cooperation Awards
      Received the USD 6 billion Export Tower Awar
    • 2008

      Established the Seyoung Educational Foundation
      (Geoje College)
      Posted a revenue of KRW 11 trillion
      (USD 10 billion)
    • 2009

      Received the USD 10 billion Export Tower Award
      Established the DeWind Co. (wind energy business)
    • 2011

      Dry the world's largest offshore Pazflor FPSO oil production facilities Nation's first submarine export opening times DSME HEAVY INDUSTRIES ACADEMY unveiling ceremony
    • 2012

      Completed the construction of Novus II wind power plants
    • 2012

      Reached the total of USD 10 billion in offshore plant orders for the first time in the world shipbuilding industry
    • 2013

      Constructed and delivered 18,000TEU-class world's largest containership
    • 2013

      Established Indonesian shipbuilding engineering center
    • 2013

      Won world's biggest 263K LNG-FSRU
    • 2014

      Order received for fifteen icebreaking LNG carriers for the Arctic Ocean
    • 2014

      Production of Jang Bogo Ⅲ, a mid-sized submarine for the 21st century, commences
    • 2014

      Order received for 37 LNG carriers – the largest order of its kind amongst South Korean shipbuilders
  • 2015 ~ 2022
    Challenges for a resurgence

    An event at the Okpo shipyard
    • 2015

      Delivery of the world’s largest container ship (19,224 TEU)
    • 2015

      Delivery of the world’s first LNG-powered container ship featuring DSME technology
    • 2015

      Construction of the world’s first LNG carrier featuring an LNG-powered engine (ME-GI) and an onboard reliquefaction system (PRS®)
    • 2015

      ISO 55001 asset management certification acquired from the British Standards Institution
    • 2016

      South Korea’s first submarine export – Indonesia’s submarine unit 1 launched
    • 2016

      P-FLNG delivered in Malaysia
    • 2016

      100th DSME LNG carrier delivered
    • 2016

      Disposal of Seoul head office
    • 2016

      World’s first ice-breaking LNG carrier completed
    • 2017

      Delivered World's Largest Jack-up Rig
    • 2017

      Successfully developed LNG cargo tank to which high-manganese steel is applied for the first time in shipbuilding industry
    • 2017

      DSME exports submarine named ‘NAGAPASA’ for first time in Korea
    • 2017

      Successfully developed ‘SOLIDUS’, an LNG cargo containment system which has the lowest LNG BOR
    • 2017

      World's Largest LNG-FSRU and World's first ARC-7 arctic LNGC has been selected as outstanding vessels in 2017
    • 2018

      Successfully built world's first FRS (Full Re-liquefaction System) LNGC for high-pressure engine
    • 2018

      Successfully built world's first FRS (Full Re-liquefaction System) LNGC for low-pressure engine
    • 2018

      Launched the nation’s first mid-size submarine, 'Dosan Ahn Changho'
    • 2018

      Opened Siheung R&D Center
    • 2019

      Established Sloshing Research Center
    • 2019

      Completed the final delivery of 15 LNG icebreakers to Yamal, Russia
    • 2019

      Established Intelligence Production Technology Test Center
    • 2020

      Naming of the world's largest container ship “Algeciras” (24,000 TEU class)
    • 2020

      Won an order for 6 Arc7 Icebreaking LNG carrier (Novatek, Russia)
    • 2020

      Launching of the ROKS Ahn Mu (a 3,000-ton class submarine)
    • 2020

      The world's first successful LNG shipment operation at the quay wall of a shipyard
    • 2021

      Relocation of Seoul Office
    • 2021

      Opening Ceremony of Digital Shipbuilding Center
    • 2021

      Newly organized ESG Administration
    • 2021

      Naming Ceremony of DSME Autonomous Navigation-Vessel, DAN-V
    • 2022

      Establish an ESG committee
    • 2022

      Won The Presidential Award in 2022 Korea Technology Awards
      ('Dosan AnChangHo' Submarine)