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Volunteer Corps



In 1993, We established a volunteer group headed by the management as part of a management innovation program called ´Hope 90s´ and provided community services to local communities by assisting underprivileged locals, participating in environmental clean-up, volunteering at welfare facilities and homes for solitary senior citizens, and donating school gym equipment. Also, many other volunteer groups including the Volunteer Support Group for Children with Leukemia and Cancer were formed to volunteer in various areas in the society. Volunteer Corp was officially created on 5/9/2003 to provide more systematic and organized community services. .

Taean oil clean-up volunteers


The Office of Volunteer Corp which consists of the COO as its chairman, HR & Administration manager as the vice chairman, and the Corporate Culture Group promotes and administers company-wide public service programs. The office has been enthusiastically supporting various volunteer groups and their activities of the company employees.

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Activity Status

The Volunteer Corps are actively involved in seven major areas: welfare for the senior citizens, sponsoring children with leukemia, home renovation and foot massage service, providing food to welfare facilities, underwater cleaning program and wall painting. Volunteer Corps work separately or together, creating synergy and delivering the support services to local societies.

Volunteer Corps Information

  • External Cooperation Department Executive Office:
    External Cooperation Department

    • -Emergency disaster relief activities and oil cleanup work
    • -Planning and operating community contribution programs
    • -Supporting local societies and welfare facilities
    • -Collecting and delivering donations
    • -Environmental cleanup activities, outstanding community service award
  • Volunteer Corps Volunteer Corps

    Number of members
    : 2,307 members
    • -Silver party
    • -Travel assistance service for solitary senior citizens
    • -Supporting children at nursery facilities/adolescents
    • -Environmental cleanup
    • -Rice-cake soup sharing event on holidays
  • Sound of New Buds Group Sound of New Buds Group

    Number of members
    : 1,150 members
    • -Sponsoring children with leukemia
    • -Holding New Life Sea Festiv
  • True Love Welfare Group True Love Welfare Group

    Number of members
    : 780 members
    • -Bathing the disabled at welfare facilities
    • -Supporting living expenses to households in extreme poverty
    • -Improving the living environments of households in extreme poverty
    • -Holding picnics for welfare facilities
    • -Holding get-together events for families in need
  • Sharing Technology Service Group Sharing Technology
    Service Group

    Number of members
    : 92 members
    • -Improving the living environments of minority groups (Home renovation)
    • -Repairing and installing physical education facilities at elementary schools, middle schools and high schools
    • -Providing foot massage service for senior citizens
    • -Providing disaster relief activities
  • Hope Volunteer Group Hope Volunteer Group

    Number of members
    : 40 members
    • -Providing food to welfare facilities (once a week)
    • -Providing bathing service at welfare facilities (once a month)
    • -Sharing side dishes with 100 households (annually)
  • Hope Volunteer Group Underwater Volunteer Group

    Number of members
    : 66 members (combination of 3 groups)
    • -Underwater cleaning and removing of starfish
  • Hope Volunteer Group Adamjaengi

    Number of members
    : 28 members
    • -Wall-painting service
    • -Face painting

Community Volunteer Service and Support Activities

2014 Community Volunteer Service and Support Activities
Title Main Activities
Emergency Disaster/Disaster Relief operations We supported the cleanup operation for an oil spill near Yeosu
- We provided necessary supplies to the cleanup operation for an oil spill which occurred near Yeosu in February, 2014.
Volunteering for Various Public Service Activities - A total of 26,703 employees and executives participated for 58,761 hours.
- Offered assistance to farming villages and provided household items to households in extreme poverty. Other activities included home renovation, providing food to welfare facilities, bathing the disabled, environmental cleanup activities and tuition assistance.
Major Community
Contribution Programs
1. Ocean Arbor Day (October 9): 300 executives and employees participated in seashore/river/underwater cleaning, sea grass planting, improving recognition of the marine environment and campaign activities.
2. Our neighborhood love project (November 15): y 300 executives and employees participated in a silver party(attended by 450 senior citizens), providing side dishes for 100 families, home renovation, environmental cleanup, wall painting and painting of school facilities.
3. 'Dasom il-chon’ (1 company - 1 village affiliation): affiliated with a total of 31 halls for senior citizens, yard tours and meal services.
Support of Local Societies 1. Presented a citation to excellent graduates in local societies (67 students in 66 schools).
2. Drawing contest (July): Children and teenagers in the jurisdiction.
3. Support events and bus for welfare groups.
Promoted community volunteering
- Presented awards to outstanding social service activities for each sector (individual, groups, position/class, subsidiaries, clubs).
- Supported the activities of volunteer corps.
Boost the local economy Supported 80 local events, society fee (Chamber of Commerce & Industry, etc) and cultural events: 231,407,000 KRW
Purchased Love Geoje gift certificates to boost the local economy: 2,261,000,000 KRW
(Cumulative total between 2006 and 2014: 36,814,420,000 KRW)
Employee and executive donations
1. Local social welfare facilities (periodic monthly donation): 107,581,000 KRW
Recipient facilities: Aekwangwon, Sungjiwon, Sungrowon, the House of Love, the House of Dandelion, Solhyang, Siloam, Bethes, Parents of the Disabled, Supporters Association of Community Child Centers in Geoje
2. 1004 Donation (Donate 1004 KRW per month): 64,524,804 KRW
3. Donation initiated by executives: 51,300,000 KRW
4. Joint labor and management donation for the needy: 114,342,874 KRW
Charity Activities Company donations
1. Holiday gifts to local social welfare facilities (16 welfare facilities in the jurisdiction): 56,000,000 KRW
2. 1004 donation-matching grants: 64,524,804 KRW
3. Non-periodic donations (support welfare facilities and welfare groups): 25,123,000 KRW
Donation of shipowners
- Odfjell donated a child care vehicle to the Dundeokgol community child center on March