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Hanwha Ocean


Offshore Wind Turbine
Installation Vessel

  • unique model of the next-generation wind turbine installation vessel
    The next-generation wind turbine installation vessel, a unique model by us
Standard Wind Turbine Installation Vessel
Developed as our unique model, the platform-based next-generation wind turbine installation vessel is an upgraded version of the conventional installation vessels, which increases the work efficiency while decreasing the costs by transporting and installing wind generators manufactured on land. It is expected to play a significant role in the wind power plant development field. The vessel has the same shape of that ordered by German-based RWEI, but is a lot larger in size which measures 145 m in length and 45 m in width. It has the capability to navigate at a speed of 11 knots (20 KPH) with five 5MW wind generators onboard.
It is significant that We are proactively suggesting a competitive model leading the market instead of just building according to the ship owner's specifications.