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Floating Dock
Shipbuilding Method

  • RD-4 completion ceremony and prayer ritual for safety
The Worlds First Floating Shipbuilding Method Succeeded
It is a new building method that builds a ship on a floating dock instead of a conventional dry dock.
A floating dock is a box made of steel with a U-shaped cross-section and floodable buoyancy chambers. The narrow basin is flooded to allow a ship to be floated in, then drained to allow that the ship to come to rest on a dry dock. Floating docks are used in a place where building a dry dock is not feasible. But safety issues need to be considered when they are flooded or floating, and it is expensive to build. In addition, there are disadvantages like shorter life cycles and more maintenance work compared to dry docks.
  • To solve the problem of dock shortage, We have tried building the VLCC and bulk carrier, which were planned to be built, on a floating dock. The company used the dock as a method for completing the ship on a floating dock after separately building the bow and the stern of a ship, and as a method for hauling and docking the blocks using an offshore crane to build part of the ship. The method of shipbuilding on a floating dock with 3D measurement technology was introduced in MOTERSHIP in 2000; it initially encountered strong objections from the ship owners, but We were able to convince them of the superiority of the 3D measurement technology developed in 1995 and the safety of floating dock, and successfully built the ships. Using an offshore crane in the new method inevitably resulted in bigger blocks to be used. In 2001, We built mega-size blocks which were over 1,000 tons by using a ring technology, and started erecting them at dry docks and floating docks. The capacity of offshore cranes has also been increased from 1,800 tons to 3,600 tons, and even a crane with over 4,000 ton in lifting capacity was built. The company also developed a method of using multiple cranes rather than just one to erect blocks and has since applied. Use of a floating dock in shipbuilding caught on, and it has since become an essential method of shipbuilding in Korea. So far 2009, We have used four floating docks in its shipbuilding.
    The company was able to increase the shipbuilding production level tremendously by using onshore bock plants and offshore dock as well as conventional docks.
  • Assembly on the water awes the world